3D Reconstruction of Tubular Objects


I have implemented the triplanar projection imaging (TPI) scheme for 3D reconstruction of contrast enhanced tubular object with simultaneous acquisition of the TPI set. Two 3D reconstructed models from the TPI and the multislice set were created and analyzed the 3D accuracy by the extracted centerlines. The proposed methods which are the TPI sequence, novel segmentation method, and 3D reconstruction from the TPI set can facilitate for fast and accuracy visualization of interventional tools and various shapes of blood vessels.

3D Reconstructioni of Contrast Enhanced Tubular Structure from Triplanar MR Projection Images

Three projection images, results of edge detection and segmentation.
3D surface rendering of the tubular structure and the corresponding three orthogonal 2D projections.
3D reconstructed model from (a) the multislice set and (b) the TPI set.