Computer-Controlled MR-Visible Marker


The integrated control system (ICS) of the manipulator and marker control synchronizes the ON/OFF state of the LED source, controls the manipulator, and triggers the MR scanner; therefore, it also allows for tracking a combination of markers that correspond to the specific maneuvering part of the manipulator. Furthermore, we describe a technique for accurate localization and fast tracking with multiple optically detunable MR markers that are selectively tuned and detuned by the actuated portion of the MR-compatible manipulator. This technique allows unambiguous identification of the particular marker points of the maneuvering manipulator on MR images, and simplifies both the data acquisition and the post processing.

Optically Detunable MR-Visible Marker

Optically Detunable ICRF Coils
Q Measurements
Custom-made Software and LED controller
Transverse MR Images Collected with Markers
1D Profile and SNR Measurement
Marker Tracking Experiment
7 DoF MR-Compatible Manipulator
Flowchart of the Robot and Marker Control
Software Integration: Robot Control + LED Control
Integrated Control System
Transverse MR images collected with (a-d) marker 3 and 4 are ON, marker 1 and 2 are OFF, the result of DoF-2 rotating the end-effector randomly clockwise (CW).
Sagittal MR images collected with (a-e) all markers ON, the result of DoF-1 rotating the end-effector randomly.